5 Pillows that Bring Top Dollar Value to the Bedroom

Our beds are basically our homes inside a house. On it is where we feel most comfortable, and that is where we are most vulnerable. In fact, we spend a good third of our lives in our beds – sleeping. By just those things, we should be convinced how a good pillow can benefit the quality of our lives.
Given the amount of time we spend sleeping, we should be aware of how our sleeping habits and positions can easily affect our disposition the following day. So much so waking up after sleeping in an uncomfortable position can lead to a day of odd pains on your neck and shoulders. Avoid these altogether by investing in one of the best …

5 Design Tips for the Best Home Theater Experience

What’s better than going to the theaters for a movie night? The answer: having your movie night in your home! Besides being an excellent way to be productive while spending more time in the house, building a home theater can be made to suit your tastes. If you’re ready to get into it, here are five home theater design tips you can follow to assemble your very own cinema.
Pick a Room
The first order of business is to find where you want your home theater to be. As long as there’s a decent amount of space, there can be a theater! Whether it is your basement, a walk-in closet, an empty garage, or even the …

Indulge Your Kids with Any of Our Top 4 Backyard Water Slides Picks for the Summer

We all remember our salad days when all we did was run around under the sun and splash in pools. Even as we grew into adulthood, those were the memories we held dear as moments of pure happiness. Now, we all would want our children to experience this kind of fun as well.
It doesn’t help that the world health crisis is preventing us from actually enjoying many forms of entertainment. We all refrained from traveling and going to recreational establishments for our own safety. While this is essential, it can rob our children of years in their childhood. Don’t let this happen under your watch.
Give your kids a reason to put …

Clean Fast and Spotlessly with the 5 Best Carpet Cleaners for the Home

Carpets, rugs, and upholsteries can pose a challenge to homeowners – both new and old. We sometimes just can’t figure out where all this dust and dirt is coming from. We believe we were just going about our daily routines, only to find the horrors during our general cleaning day literally under the rug. Yes, it can be a pain in the head, and on your back for that matter. This is why we recommend only the best rug and carpet cleaners for your home.
Don’t bend over backward for work that ought to be simple and easy. Invest in reliable products that will actually work for you. Then again, you may wonder – what should …

Creative Innovation Finds Its Way into the Heart of the Home

One of the most exciting parts of finally owning your dream house is to design every corner of it–the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the comfort room, and so forth. That is why choosing the most special colors, shade, furniture, lights, tilings, and wallpapers seems a little crucial. Sure, it isn’t an easy task! It takes ample time and effort to finally decide the overall theme of your home–making it gorgeous and sophisticated!
But, who would think that in the process of making the interiors of your kitchen, you can turn tiny pieces of wallpaper into a beautiful backdrop? Yes – you read that right…

Artist Turns Daughters Whimsical Paintings into Wallpapers

Artists often create masterpieces to depict the myriad of feelings they experience in daily life. Such was the case for Sarah Von Dreele, a modern painter born from grief after a divorce had occurred five years ago. Four years after she started taking refuge in painting, she chose to sell her passion-filled artworks as wallpapers and fabrics.
One of the more recent paintings in her vast collection of dynamic and eccentric designs was named Juliette’s Bedroom Wallpaper. Like her other brilliant crafts, this piece contains a backstory with the painting’s name nodding to its tale. Her very own daughter, Juliette, made this …

A Love for Vintage Manifests in Moroccan Home

As a supplier of a Moroccan touch in the homes of many, Amber El-Amin opened her home to the public. With that, it was an experience that can light up any vintage lover’s eyes. El-Amin is the half-Moroccan, half-German owner of “The Gardener’s Home”, an online shop that sells Moroccan rugs.
A Vintage Touch to a Moroccan Set-up
Having lived in India, Italy, Turkey, and London, El-Amin picked up a habit of collecting furniture all over the world. Her 90s home in Sterling, Virginia boasts of high-ceilings and an indoor balcony. A feature that called to El-Amin. Sharing her passion for the vintage, the Moroccan rug …

Still Fresh in Hampton: Family Home is Rejuvenated with a Facelift

It took two years to finish, but what came out of Lauren Will’s project was a 10,000-square-foot dream house for a family of five. Working closely with her clients, Will designed a property that boasted of open, kid-friendly spaces – a quality shared by all areas. The colors are mostly earth tones combined with candy-colored ones, giving it the “easy, breezy” look and feel.
A Way Back Home
Once you step through the blue front doors, you enter a space with a coastal, casual mood. The dining room, right next to the foyer, is surrounded by blue walls and is home to seaside artwork and blue chairs. Keeping up with the …

Conservative Traditional to Cozy Modern: Home in Virginia Gets Redone

Designer Zoe Feldman has transformed a traditional-looking house into something modern-looking for his newly married clients. He gave the couple a redesigned “home sweet home” for them to have a comfortable life.
Even if designing over multiple levels is a bit challenging, Feldman has managed to reach the expectations of his newly married clients. He makes it more manageable despite being spacious.
Since the couple is soon to be having a baby, Feldman did his best to achieve a light and bright home with a touch of darker tones on the inside. Their four-story home with 6,700 square feet— including a basement for …