5 Design Tips for the Best Home Theater Experience

What’s better than going to the theaters for a movie night? The answer: having your movie night in your home! Besides being an excellent way to be productive while spending more time in the house, building a home theater can be made to suit your tastes. If you’re ready to get into it, here are five home theater design tips you can follow to assemble your very own cinema.
Pick a Room
The first order of business is to find where you want your home theater to be. As long as there’s a decent amount of space, there can be a theater! Whether it is your basement, a walk-in closet, an empty garage, or even the …

Creative Innovation Finds Its Way into the Heart of the Home

One of the most exciting parts of finally owning your dream house is to design every corner of it–the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the comfort room, and so forth. That is why choosing the most special colors, shade, furniture, lights, tilings, and wallpapers seems a little crucial. Sure, it isn’t an easy task! It takes ample time and effort to finally decide the overall theme of your home–making it gorgeous and sophisticated!
But, who would think that in the process of making the interiors of your kitchen, you can turn tiny pieces of wallpaper into a beautiful backdrop? Yes – you read that right…

Artist Turns Daughters Whimsical Paintings into Wallpapers

Artists often create masterpieces to depict the myriad of feelings they experience in daily life. Such was the case for Sarah Von Dreele, a modern painter born from grief after a divorce had occurred five years ago. Four years after she started taking refuge in painting, she chose to sell her passion-filled artworks as wallpapers and fabrics.
One of the more recent paintings in her vast collection of dynamic and eccentric designs was named Juliette’s Bedroom Wallpaper. Like her other brilliant crafts, this piece contains a backstory with the painting’s name nodding to its tale. Her very own daughter, Juliette, made this …