5 Pillows that Bring Top Dollar Value to the Bedroom

Our beds are basically our homes inside a house. On it is where we feel most comfortable, and that is where we are most vulnerable. In fact, we spend a good third of our lives in our beds – sleeping. By just those things, we should be convinced how a good pillow can benefit the quality of our lives.

Given the amount of time we spend sleeping, we should be aware of how our sleeping habits and positions can easily affect our disposition the following day. So much so waking up after sleeping in an uncomfortable position can lead to a day of odd pains on your neck and shoulders. Avoid these altogether by investing in one of the best pillows in the market.

What to Look for in a Comfortable Pillow

When it comes to comfort, we have to consider three important things: the firmness, the fill, and the form. These three things can contribute to the comfort the sleeper experiences, and there is a particular type of pillow for every kind of sleeper.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, the body of the sleeper should also be taken into consideration, as well as if they are dynamic sleepers, or if they have current conditions that are subjects of concern.


There is a standard comfort scale that users can choose from depending on how firm they want their pillows to be. Pillows with a rating of 1 are considered the most firm, and as the rating goes higher, the softer the pillow is. While this preference may vary from person to person, you need head support that adjusts to the curvature of your head. This will also depend on how a type of sleeper uses the pillow because, for example, side sleepers tend to prefer having a firmer pillow to hold on to by their side.


A fill is what constitutes the inside of the pillow, and it can be made of different materials for stuffing. Then again, the type of filling can not only affect the cost, but also the health of the user. In this regard, polyester is the most common because of its cost-effectivity and overall versatility.  However, many regard memory foam pillows as the best because of their pressure relief and head support features.


The basic consideration is that you find a pillow that can support the curvature of your head instead of pushing against it. It should also adapt to your movements and position changes while sleeping. This is especially important for side sleepers since their bodies will need the support of both the pillows and the mattress.

When it comes to back sleepers, a thinner pillow of medium firmness can work as effective lumbar support for the spine or the neck. Memory foam is effective for them since it can accommodate their positioning. Lastly, stomach sleepers might take a pass on their pillows entirely, or they can opt for thinner and softer pillows.

Top Picks for the Best Bedroom Pillow

Best Organic Pillow: AVOCADO GREEN Cotton Pillow

Description: AVOCADO GREEN Cotton Pillows are the best organic pillows on the market. With its non-toxic materials and organic composition, comfort comes first with no compromise. This is especially perfect for pairing with AVOCADO GREEN Mattresses.


  • It has an all-organic cotton constitution
  • It has an adjustable fill and comes with an extra fill bag


  • The filling may feel lacking and may urge the user to buy more
Best Down-alternative Pillow: PARACHUTE HOME Side-sleeper Pillow

Description: PARACHUTE HOME Side-sleeper Pillows are built to cater to every side-sleeper out there. With its 3.5-inch gusset shape and 100% hypoallergenic microfiber film, sleeping on the side now becomes much healthier.


  • It is made with a 100% sateen cotton shell
  • The pillow is medium density, making it ideal for most users
  • The purchase comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Pillow needs to be tumble dried and dry cleaned to maintain the fluffiness
Best Firm Pillow: BROOKLINEN Down Pillow

Description: BROOKLINEN Down Pillows are one of the firmest pillows available. Made with a 100% cotton sateen shell and double-stitched edges, comfort is the one thing this product will absolutely deliver.


  • Pillows are treated with ultra-fresh anti-microbial


  • It needs to either be left outside on dry days or use a dryer to keep fluff and quality
Best Cooling Pillow: LEESA Pillow

Description: LEESA Pillows are designed to provide a cool, comforting feeling with their ventilation-heavy design coupled with high-quality foam. Unlike fill pillows, the foam of LEESA Pillows allows for comfort regardless of sleeping position.


  • The overall design provides neck support for the stomach, back, or side-sleepers
  • Subscription and purchase come with a 30-night trial free of charge.


  • Almost nothing, except for maybe it may come off as an investment to some users because of the cost.
Best All-around: CASPER: The Original Pillow

Description: The original CASPER Sleep Pillow is an all-around pillow that caters to all types of sleepers. It boasts a gusset design as well as a 100% cotton cover allowing for coolness on the head.


  • The product offers maximum comfort with cotton material
  • It is made with clumping-resistant fiber material, a polyester fabric lining, and fill


  • It should only be cleaned with a cool wash

In case we haven’t stressed this enough, a good night’s rest is essential to your health and well-being. Any disruptions in your sleep can easily derail your disposition and productivity for the rest of the day. For this reason, we recommend the aforementioned pillows for your bedroom.

While these can easily seem like too much of an investment for some, remember that your pillows and mattresses are among the things that you can maximize the cost per use. These are among the household items you rely on for comfort and rest, so yes – these give you value for your money, and you deserve this.

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