5 Design Tips for the Best Home Theater Experience

What’s better than going to the theaters for a movie night? The answer: having your movie night in your home! Besides being an excellent way to be productive while spending more time in the house, building a home theater can be made to suit your tastes. If you’re ready to get into it, here are five home theater design tips you can follow to assemble your very own cinema.

Pick a Room

The first order of business is to find where you want your home theater to be. As long as there’s a decent amount of space, there can be a theater! Whether it is your basement, a walk-in closet, an empty garage, or even the grassy gardens, there are many locations to choose from with varying layouts.

Sound Systems

Audio is one-half of any movie, so you will want to select quality sound systems that will sound loud and clear across the room. A good surround sound speaker will do pretty well for stereo, coupled with carpets to reduce echo and noise.

Manage Your Cables

The last thing you want in a theater is a tripping hazard. Optimized cables for your projector/screen, sound systems, and lighting will provide a subtle but considerable improvement in the room’s immersion.

Choose Your Displays

Do you prefer a genuine cinematic feel with projectors, or do you desire a modern touch with projector screens? Is a small screen enough to fit the room, or should you get a larger screen? Just be sure your screen can project movies with great clarity.

Add Some Flair

Like any room, some little additions can sprinkle some life into an otherwise empty space. Adding other furniture like a bookshelf can make a home theater serve more entertainment and purpose than just movies. Little thematic decorations for themed movie nights can bring the spirit of camaraderie even closer.

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