Creative Innovation Finds Its Way into the Heart of the Home

One of the most exciting parts of finally owning your dream house is to design every corner of it–the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the comfort room, and so forth. That is why choosing the most special colors, shade, furniture, lights, tilings, and wallpapers seems a little crucial. Sure, it isn’t an easy task! It takes ample time and effort to finally decide the overall theme of your home–making it gorgeous and sophisticated!

But, who would think that in the process of making the interiors of your kitchen, you can turn tiny pieces of wallpaper into a beautiful backdrop? Yes – you read that right: tiny pieces of wallpaper, as a backsplash for your kitchen.

A Surprise in the Kitchen

To refine the beauty of your interiors and to showcase your creativity, there is a spectacular idea–to use wallpaper, a hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper!

However, the kitchen, a particular place in the house that requires it to be fully functional is probably the hardest to tie into the surrounding home design. Splatter and grease splashes all around which makes its walls easily look dull. But this idea is nowhere a struggle as the kitchen designer Jim Dove had brought hand-painted wallpapers into kitchen designs making it functional and beautiful!

An Artistic Process

Dove used de Gournay wallpaper as a backdrop to the kitchen walls. He protects it from grease and splatter by covering it with a transparent layer of glass. For him, it is possible to make the kitchen look fabulous by using transparent museum glass so that the wallpapers behind would look the same way as if they were bare.

“The de Gournay that was chosen for the dining room will continue into the kitchen seamlessly, ” says Dove as he seamlessly tied the kitchen to the house theme! He aspires to encourage and open the minds of the designers and end-users that drove him into this extraordinary idea with enormous possibilities!

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