A Love for Vintage Manifests in Moroccan Home

As a supplier of a Moroccan touch in the homes of many, Amber El-Amin opened her home to the public. With that, it was an experience that can light up any vintage lover’s eyes. El-Amin is the half-Moroccan, half-German owner of “The Gardener’s Home”, an online shop that sells Moroccan rugs.

A Vintage Touch to a Moroccan Set-up

Having lived in India, Italy, Turkey, and London, El-Amin picked up a habit of collecting furniture all over the world. Her 90s home in Sterling, Virginia boasts of high-ceilings and an indoor balcony. A feature that called to El-Amin. Sharing her passion for the vintage, the Moroccan rug dealer shares that every piece in her home is bursting with story.

The Energy Behind the Art

When asked for her secret to vintage shopping, El-Amin cites persistence. Further saying that searching on shops in other countries is a risk that she is willing to make.

Pulling inspiration from nature and history, plants are scattered throughout, which grounds the otherwise luxurious home. The history brought in by furniture stands out as they range from the 1940s to the 1980s and the various pieces shipped from nations like Italy and the Netherlands. Surely, this is a space that anyone would be honored to live in.

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