A Love for Vintage Manifests in Moroccan Home

As a supplier of a Moroccan touch in the homes of many, Amber El-Amin opened her home to the public. With that, it was an experience that can light up any vintage lover’s eyes. El-Amin is the half-Moroccan, half-German owner of “The Gardener’s Home”, an online shop that sells Moroccan rugs.
A Vintage Touch to a Moroccan Set-up
Having lived in India, Italy, Turkey, and London, El-Amin picked up a habit of collecting furniture all over the world. Her 90s home in Sterling, Virginia boasts of high-ceilings and an indoor balcony. A feature that called to El-Amin. Sharing her passion for the vintage, the Moroccan rug …

Still Fresh in Hampton: Family Home is Rejuvenated with a Facelift

It took two years to finish, but what came out of Lauren Will’s project was a 10,000-square-foot dream house for a family of five. Working closely with her clients, Will designed a property that boasted of open, kid-friendly spaces – a quality shared by all areas. The colors are mostly earth tones combined with candy-colored ones, giving it the “easy, breezy” look and feel.
A Way Back Home
Once you step through the blue front doors, you enter a space with a coastal, casual mood. The dining room, right next to the foyer, is surrounded by blue walls and is home to seaside artwork and blue chairs. Keeping up with the …

Conservative Traditional to Cozy Modern: Home in Virginia Gets Redone

Designer Zoe Feldman has transformed a traditional-looking house into something modern-looking for his newly married clients. He gave the couple a redesigned “home sweet home” for them to have a comfortable life.
Even if designing over multiple levels is a bit challenging, Feldman has managed to reach the expectations of his newly married clients. He makes it more manageable despite being spacious.
Since the couple is soon to be having a baby, Feldman did his best to achieve a light and bright home with a touch of darker tones on the inside. Their four-story home with 6,700 square feet— including a basement for …