Conservative Traditional to Cozy Modern: Home in Virginia Gets Redone

Designer Zoe Feldman has transformed a traditional-looking house into something modern-looking for his newly married clients. He gave the couple a redesigned “home sweet home” for them to have a comfortable life.

Even if designing over multiple levels is a bit challenging, Feldman has managed to reach the expectations of his newly married clients. He makes it more manageable despite being spacious.

Since the couple is soon to be having a baby, Feldman did his best to achieve a light and bright home with a touch of darker tones on the inside. Their four-story home with 6,700 square feet— including a basement for entertaining and “ladies lounge” with kitchenette — now has the touch of the couple’s natural aesthetic and taste. A bold black-and-white wallpaper initially installed by the couple has served as a color palette.


Feldman has added soul into the kitchen area by connecting it to the breakfast nook and family room. A spectacular Moroccan clay tile backsplash was used to infuse more spirit into the area.

Breakfast Nook

An optimistic breakfast nook was furnished as they make it super kid-friendly! Though it was also stylish, thanks to the vinyl Phillip Jefferies wallpaper! They also add more seating and recover the banquette.

Living Room

If the breakfast nook is kid-friendly, the living room can be a place for dog and child bonding. The clients have three dogs: Otto, Pippa, and Owen. It became the perfect spot for them to play with a durable rug that can handle wear.

Ladies Lounge

A pink wallpaper and brass accents with soft surfaces were used in the lady’s lounge. It is the ultimate hangout spot for the girls in the family!


Of course, the bedroom for the couple is the most important part! The couple has decided to make the tone of the room a little bit sexier while being calm and quiet. The touch of blue colors has set the serene emotion in the bedroom.

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