Indulge Your Kids with Any of Our Top 4 Backyard Water Slides Picks for the Summer

We all remember our salad days when all we did was run around under the sun and splash in pools. Even as we grew into adulthood, those were the memories we held dear as moments of pure happiness. Now, we all would want our children to experience this kind of fun as well.

It doesn’t help that the world health crisis is preventing us from actually enjoying many forms of entertainment. We all refrained from traveling and going to recreational establishments for our own safety. While this is essential, it can rob our children of years in their childhood. Don’t let this happen under your watch.

Give your kids a reason to put down their phones and go outside. Make your summer more fun during the weekends with some of the best backyard water slides in the market today. If you can’t go to the resorts and waterparks, then bring them to your home.

Top Picks for Backyard Water Slides for the Summer

Product: SABLE Inflatable Play Pool with Slide

Description: Take the waterpark fun to your backyard with SABLE Inflatable Play Pool with Slide! Made with BPA-free PVC to ensure durability, and fixed handrails and sponge cushions to keep your children well-protected.


  • This is quite easy-to-setup within one minute
  • It is designed with compartmentalized air chambers to prevent air leakage


  • The slide tends to deflate quickly and has to be re-inflated regularly
Product: SUNNY & FAN Heavy-duty Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide

Description: SUNNY & FAN’s Inflatable Water Slide brings outdoor fun to the house with its climbing wall, water slide, and splash-down pool allowing kids to experience triple the fun in one setup!


  • The construction is mainly made with puncture-resistant nylon
  • The package comes with an electric air pump, repair patches, and a user guide


  • This product requires constant airflow to keep the structure upright
Product: TEAM MAGNUS XL Slip and Slide with Inflatable Crash Pad

Description: TEAM MAGNUS XL’s Slip and Slide offers hours of outdoor entertainment in a compact package. It includes an inflatable cushion/crash pad for added fun and safety.


  • This is built with heavy-duty PVC for a long-lasting product
  • It is easy to maintain and set-up within one minute


  • The quick disconnect on the hose does not adapt to all types
Product: BANZAI INT’L LTD. Speed Blast Water Slide

Description: The Banzai Speed Blast Water Slide is a great slip-and-slide water toy that’s perfect for birthday parties! This 16-foot water slide comes with a splash pool at the end for small children to enjoy.


  • The product basically offers endless streams of fun
  • It is easy to set up and can be done so by simply hooking a water hose


  • User may take some time to fill up spouts with water

It can do wonders to your family’s relationship if you are able to take a break and actually be present for your children. While getting your children a backyard slide can make their summer so much more fun, the experience will improve significantly with you in the picture. Join the fun. Take pictures with them. Spend time with your children, and with the kid inside you. You’ll be surprised how enriching a staycation that can be after a long week of work.

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